Compared to litigation, mediation can often prove to be a cost-effective and time-saving method of resolving disputes. Involved parties have the opportunity to voluntarily develop a mutually-acceptable resolution in a collaborative atmosphere.

As a neutral, third-party mediator, Knox carefully structures the negotiation, opens-up and maintains communication channels, helps each party to articulate their concerns and needs, identifies the issues in dispute and then stimulates the parties to creative alternate ideas to resolve their dispute.

His mediation skills and years of experience were recognized by his induction as a Fellow of the International Academy of Mediators, a worldwide organization dedicated to promoting the study and understanding of the mediation process and fostering the highest standards of integrity and competence


Private arbitration hearings, both formal and informal, can provide a quicker resolution of legal disputes. Knox provides a respectful hearing with ample opportunity for each party to fully develop their arguments and submissions. Recognizing the importance of a reasoned, just and timely decision to settle a dispute, all decisions are usually issued within 30 days of the conclusion of the hearing. All non-family awards can be final and binding upon prior agreement of the parties. Family arbitration awards are subject to the applicable Family Law statutes.

Multi Mediations / One Location / Consecutive Days and Evenings

Consider gathering together a number of the cases you want to subject to mediation or arbitration and and Knox will conduct all these cases on subsequent days and/or evenings in one location. Talk to Knox about clearing up a group of cases all at once.

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